Spur Strategy and Tactics What you want to say (5 minutes to read)

Paddy reached the top of the table. A lot has changed in the one year since Mourinho arrived. Did the team catch up with Pochettino at his best? Opinions vary as to whether this is so good. But what is certain is that under Pochettino, we did not dare to think much about the points championship. With Mourinho, I feel that such dreams can come true. I think the Spaniards themselves have more confidence in their team. Because of Mourinho’s trophy record. Mourinho has also been linked with a move to Real Madrid. Mourinho and Spurs are more Mourinho-Porto than United. Mourinho – Chelsea Mourinho: Inter Milan are better. Mourinho has done a lot of unexpected things in these teams. That’s why Spurs can win the Europa League. They seem to be increasingly believing that the Premier League Cup is a dream come true.

Mourinho has a natural tendency to prefer football-like players to celebrities. He prefers files to football players. I prefer a fighting team. He wanted to do this job at United. But it can’t be done. Because there are some viruses. And the viruses are strong. And because of his poor handling of some of the players he thought were viruses. There are mutual mistakes. He is a coach with a traffic record and can be said to have failed, even at United, including in the Europa League. It’s not a bad thing to be able to win two cups. The team spirit is disappointing. Before parting ways with United after parting ways with United, he has repeatedly said that this time around he would go to a club with players who really want to work. I was worried because Leon wanted so badly. Fear of Mourinho I wanted him to go to Real Madrid. But he did not go. Nor did Real Madrid make an official offer for him. In the end, I chose the Paddy team. I was a little compassionate. Is there a choice of paddy according to his level? But as he said, it was the team he was aiming for. That’s what I did. The paddy was in disarray with Pochettino in the final stages. And after five years of stagnation, a series of contract rebellions have erupted, but overall the quality of the team is more than just high quality.

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It is a well-known fact that the figures do not give a complete picture. But the numbers are enough to illustrate a situation. Numbers do not lie. This season, the level of paddy standing. The goal scored by Paddy. They have to pay. The goal difference they own shows that this is a team with potential. The role of the hurricane has changed. It looks like Sun Hongmin is becoming a more dangerous player. Entering the title race is a long way for Spurs. But there is no denying that paddy has become potentially powerful. “Especially the right reinforcements made Spurs a better team. They called Reggion for the left wing. He got Hobiet for the midfield. In attack, if necessary for the wings. Gareth Bale is versatile as a striker. Venisius also arrived as Hurricane’s backup. And when Andon Billy returned to Lyon as Andon Billy, the Squad depth of the paddy became very strong.

They got Gareth Bale for the tradition. Very strong for speed. In the locker room, there are trophies. Mourinho is not alone when it comes to the mentality of being in a tight spot. Gareth Bale is the most successful team in the world. There is no denying that he fell, but he was as thin as a buffalo. He can be seen as a good player in case of emergency. Hobiet is Mourinho’s dream player. I do dirty work in midfield. Strong in spirit. You can play anywhere. It blocks all the space that the opposing team can get. He is a disturbing player. For those who are not rice fans, if the rice is good, it is good. Who is good? It is easy to say that we are good. But among those who are not Paddy fans, those who have a deep understanding of football and Paddy fans themselves are Hobbit, Andon Billy will no doubt be very interested. Especially hobbyists.

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From this point on, Hobietz is simply doing what he is doing. I will always look behind him. I’m just thinking of filling in the gaps. If we get the ball, we will give it to people with no innovative passings. That’s it. But when the Spaniards play the Middle block, Central block No one is as reliable as Hobiet when it comes to playing low blocks. It helps to make a lot of little triangles. Jose really likes Hobbit. After the game against Manchester City, he came on the pitch and won with the players. Hugging Numbers and Suns is a way of thanking you. Greetings to many other players are a compliment. But the image of victory with Hobiet is that you are a real animal. Beast. It’s like saying it’s a file. I saw Mourinho’s true passion when he greeted Hobietz.

The teams that Mourinho handled. There are always players like that in very successful teams. McClellan at Chelsea In Inter Milan, Kambiero and Motta; In Porto, right-wing and so on. This kind of player is Mourinho’s dream. They are Drogba. Milito It may not be as popular as Dale and McCarthy. It may not be as popular as Hurricane and Sun. But they are the kind of players Mourinho really likes. A football team is not playing on paper. Sometimes players have to leave their place depending on the situation and needs. Hobiet is the kind of power supply that replenishes the player as soon as he leaves his zone. And unnecessarily positioning players who are not in the right place. It is not uncommon to see players standing in the attacking zone unnecessarily being invited to the defensive zone. I want to say he is the best midfielder in the Premier League this season. This kind of player. Every team needs people who have this kind of caricature.

There are a lot of star players in Guardiola’s team. I also like playing Rodriguez. But in the game against Spurs, Rodrigo could see that he was doing more than he should have done. He is actually playing as a single pivot. The other team has a hurricane playing Drop Forward. So every time the paddy gets the ball, He should be near the hurricane at every single moment. This is the basics. But sometimes you get to play well. As we drift into the battlefield, we face the transition of paddy. In such a situation, Rodr ဟာguez will have to decide which zone to have. He is not near the player he should be. The hurricane was in the Central attacking zone at the opening goal. Sun is on the right. Keane knew what Sunny would do and sent him down to the midfield. With Rodr ရီguez, the Diaz-Laporte would not have to go after the numbers. I had to go without Rodrigo. When you follow the numbers, if you follow them alone, it will be enough for both of you. So there was a hole in the zone where they left. That’s what Sun wants. Andon Billy paved the way. Sun scored. These are long if you are writing and talking. It was done in the blink of an eye. From this point of view, you can go up and down. I did not have time to consult that I would stay. I have to say that both of them thought it was a job they had to do. He lived between the two of them. And the number that is drawn. Congratulations to the swans who went through the numbers. But the winged butterfly, which is the beginning of the storm, started out of Rodrigo’s absence.

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When it comes to football, most people think of strategy. Tactics Mix and match techniques. They usually write. What exactly is the strategy? What is the strategy? What is the methodology? And the ball feels better when you have a clear idea of ​​what an individual technique is. Football is more enjoyable. The Spaniard: Manchester City’s game’s Guardiola’s strategy is to put pressure on Spurs. To find leaks; To score when the opportunity arises. Mourinho’s strategy is to play defensively. To fight back; Manchester City To fight back with something strong. The strategy is clear. It is common. The same thing applies with OGS when playing for big clubs. Arteta thinks the same way. The slight difference is, will you play low block when implementing that strategy? Park the bus? Middle block? Zonal traps? When implementing that strategy, the issue of strategy comes into play. In terms of tactics, the coaches’ individual strengths are different. Detailed orders; Management is no longer the same. That’s why when we write about football, we prioritize tactics.

In terms of tactics, Sun Hongmin plays on the right wing. Sun always plays on the left wing. But a good muscle like Walker. Good running. Do not waste time keeping the sun near the destroyer. No more wasting energy. The right wing is removed. That is the coach’s tactic. Sun is right-handed. Being a right winger does not mean being a traditional winger. He is a fake winger. It takes up space on the right wing. However, if you trace where his starting line ends, you will see that he runs into the Manchester City goal line all the time along the diagonal line. When Sun runs like that, the number and the number will increase. So Sun does not run whenever he wants to. The number is waiting to see when it will go down into the deep zone. As soon as the number goes down, he starts to enter. It’s 100% certain that this is Mourinho’s plan. Players can’t go and do things that they want to do. You will reach the bench.

If Mourinho had asked for it, the real thing would have to be done. It has to do with their tactical awareness. How much can they do? If you can’t do it, you will not be asked to coach. The coach became very upset. So, after the match, Mourinho won the Strategy victory. It was a tactical victory. “I want to praise more players who can follow his plan than him. In fact, a tactical analysis is the only way to predict what the coach has to say based on the individual actions of the 22 players and substitutes in a football match. Tactical preview is what the coach can do before the match. Draw squares that can pop up unexpectedly in 90 minutes. Someone who wrote the triangular lines incorrectly with Tactics. I also see people reading. It is not intended for anyone.

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Many people do not know the difference. Sometimes I feel like it. Tactical analysis can only be done if you have the time, but it only works if you upload a video file and speak. If you talk for 15 minutes, you will write a letter about what you have done. Writing over and over again can take up to two hours and can be very tiring. Therefore, true tactical anaylsis will not always be possible later. What do you really like? We will only do events that have something to say.

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