Evra clained arsenal player pepe deserved a red card

Former Manchester United player Evra has claimed that Arsenal striker Nicholas Pe pe deserved a red card and deserved an Oscar.

Leeds United and Arsenal played last night and ended goallessly. Arsene Wenger’s side will be looking to bounce back from their 1-0 defeat at the hands of Arsenal on Saturday We were satisfied with just one point due to the goal difference of the strikers. Arsenal were sent off for the rest of the second half with the dismissal of Nicholas Peppe. Pepe was sent off seven minutes into the second half for reacting angrily to Eliasson’s aggression and being sent off.

Nicholas Pepe hit Elie Oscar in the head when the ball was missing, and referee Anthony Taylor returned the VAR and sent him off.  Evra, a former United defender who used to comment on the match between Leeds United and Arsenal on Sky Sports, said: It’s too crazy. ”

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“Pepe should apologize to all his teammates. Because Arsenal already have a plan. Because of him, everything changed. ” “Elie Oscar deserves an Oscar. “He played well. If I were the leader, I would love the way Oscar works. But the way he acted was like Pepe broke his nose. Pepe’s actions were partly insane. ”  “He doesn’t get much playing time. Arteta let him play today. So he has to keep from crying if he gets the chance to play the next game. ”

“I saw him play in France. He was smiling happily. Fans have been critical of his value. He was a good player, but I was disappointed in today’s game. I always protected him. But now it can not be prevented. ”  Arsenal legend Yoon Bart said: “There is no reason for Pepe to complain. His header did not hurt the leader very much. But rules are rules. You can’t do that. It’s frustrating. For him, his own actions destroyed the path to progress. ”

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Former Arsenal assistant manager Freddie Eunbart has praised youngster Bukarosaka’s performance against Leeds United. In the goalless draw with Leeds United, Saka was substituted in the 57th minute of the second half. Arsenal were left out of the squad when Sarka came on as a substitute. When Saka came in, Arsenal’s attacking style improved and they had a chance. Saka himself was allowed to score individually with the goalkeeper, but only because of the goalkeeper’s ingenuity.

However, Saka did not play until the end of the match due to injury and had to be replaced by Millennials. Eunbart, who was a regular commentator on the match between Leeds United and Arsenal on Sky Sports, praised Saka’s performance.  “Leeds United are playing really well today. They created a lot of opportunities. Only one of them should score a goal. ” “But I think he played very well when Saka came in. He should have taken advantage of the opportunity to make it happen. Good luck to Arsenal. But they almost scored. This is their plan after being shown a red card. ”

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has ruled out a move for Saka. I think the rival goalkeeper is getting better. The truth is, they have threatened our goal many times. In some cases we were unlucky. ”  “Playing with just 10 people is a big loss for the team. “I like the way our team played when they were sent off. We did what we should have done. There were two moments to win. It was a really difficult match. ”

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Arteta went on to comment on Saka’s injury condition: “It looks like he is in pain. The medical team will examine the severity of the injury. The removal of him was “very serious”. He was in pain and could not continue playing, so he had to be replaced. He replied:

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