“Ronaldo will score over 800 goals in his 40s”

McClellan, who trained Cristiano Ronaldo from a young man to a strong and muscular player while working as a fitness assistant at Manchester United, said he believed Ronaldo could play football like Ryan Giggs at the age of 40 and score more than 800 goals. Said

Ronaldo, 35, scored a goal in Portugal’s 7-0 win over Andorra to take a step closer to Alidei’s 109 goals. Ronaldo has scored over 700 goals for the club and the country as a whole. Ryan Giggs, a Manchester United legend, started his senior career in 1991 and retired in 672 appearances in 2014. McClung has hinted that Ronaldo is the only former United player to be in top form like Giggs in his 40s.

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“Before the arrival of Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs was unrivaled in terms of fitness. Giggs took great care of his fitness and played with as few injuries as possible. That’s why I was able to play until I was 40 years old. ”  “Ronaldo is the only one who can beat Giggs. You can play longer than Giggs and score more goals. “I think Ronaldo will be able to play for 41 years.”

The goal against Andona marked the 102nd goal of Ronaldo’s career, seven more than Alidayi’s 109. He also scored 746 goals in his professional career, the same number as Hungarian legend Fran ပွတ်ois Pushkar. Above Ronaldo is Jose Mourinho. Only Romario and Pele remain.

McClellan has been linked with a move to Real Madrid. It is impossible to score more than 1,000 goals like Pele. The era is very different. But he can get past Beacon. If you change the way he plays and the way he plays, you will score more goals. It was the same with Giggs. ”  “Ronaldo works very hard. He sleeps and eats well after careful planning. We also strictly follow the recharging activities. He also works to get the most out of stress. ”

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“So even if he is injured, he recovers in a short time. These are the secrets of his success. “In any case, Ronaldo will have to retire as a role model for footballers.”

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