Real Madrid midfielder Toni kroos claims Bayern Munich are the best club in the world


Q: Did you move to Real Madrid because of Ancelotti?
Cruz: In 2014, they won the Champions League. So think about it. Ancelotti called me directly. He said he wanted his team to come and play to make it stronger.

The Champions League winners were invited. Who can deny it? “He gave me full confidence in my ability. It’s all right to start the days at Real Madrid. We didn’t win any trophies in the first season. I think I played well.

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Q: Why has Real Madrid had so many ups and downs this season?
Cruz: There is definitely a need for our team. It does not need to be hidden. Everyone knows that. But it’s not a bad thing. The key is to be stable.

If you look at the results so far, two games are good. 1 match is bad You will see the next two games. In some games, I was able to play better.

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Therefore, we need to be stable in terms of performance. “I played very well against Barcelona. Shame and defeat to Cadiz is completely unacceptable even with the home team.

So, in order to win trophies this season, Much more needs to be done now.

Q: What do you think is causing this instability?
Cruz: We are all going through an unprecedented period. You have to play 1 game in 3 consecutive days. There is no rest time. In the meantime, last summer, when the season closed late, there were fewer days off. No new players were brought in.

As a result, injury problems are on the rise.

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I do not like to make such excuses. In the current situation, there is no denying it. So we will do our best to find the answer. We can develop good legs. Some of the games played this season can be testified.

Q: Do you think Bayern Munich are the best team in Europe right now?
Cruz: I can say that. There is no need to doubt anything. Bayern have been the best in the world for the past few months. By comparison, it’s like Real Madrid a few years ago. It is impossible to win trophies for 10 years in a row. Real Madrid has been the best club in the world for 2-3 years.

Now Bayern are there. Their performances and footwork over the past few months are a testament to that. He also won the Champions League. If you win in such a difficult race, I think that team is the best in the world. They are better than our team.

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But there is no problem because we are not in the same league. We have not met in the Champions League yet.

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